We raise happy chickens for meat and hens for eggs — they live their lives outdoors on pasture, in natural daylight. They eat and forage bugs, roots and dirt. Our meat birds are only fed certified organic non-GMO grain. Below are the three main principles and practices that we use to raise our animals.


Chickens foraging in the grass under a tree

Chickens in the barn doorway

Rows of brown eggs

We believe that all animals deserve to live in — and have access to — the outdoors. The fresh air, natural sunlight and space to express their natural instincts allow the flock to lead happy lives. Eating and enjoying meat includes the responsibility of raising it in a fair and ethical manner.

Certified Organic Grain

We create a custom ration for our meat birds with certified organic non-GMO grain. We source local ingredients from neighbouring farmers and get them milled at our local feed store in Peterborough. Our meat bird ration is made up of locally roasted soy, certified organic corn, oats and barley, peas, flax, alfalfa meal, rye and minerals.

Processing and Slaughter

When it is time for our flock to be transported, we minimize the stress of that experience as much as possible. This means only transporting a small number of chickens at a time, and bringing them to abattoirs that are close to the farm.

We are advocates of mobile abattoirs that come to the farm to process our animals, and we are slowly lobbying the government to make this option available for small farmers since it provides the least stressful experience for the animals.