The summer share runs for 18-20 weeks from the middle of June until the middle of October. A full share is enough to supply 2-4 people who cook a lot at home. A half share is suitable for 2 people who eat out two or three times a week, or a single person who likes to cook.

Farm/Peterborough Pick-up Price

The share prices are $850 for a full share or $550 for a half share, payable on February 15 in three postdated installments as follows:

2019 Full Share Half Share
February 15 $300 $250
May 15 $300 $150
August 15 $250 $150

Pick-up Locations

Wednesdays: Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market, 8:30am – 2pm
Fridays: Farm, 4pm – 6pm
Saturdays: Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market, 8am – 1pm

Please make cheques payable to Chick-a-biddy Acres — see the contact page for our address. We also accept e-transfers to